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In 1974, a course on behavior analysis was taught for the first time in the undergraduate course in psychology at the University of Iceland. Since 1985, an elective course in behavioral analysis research methods has also been taught at H.Í. Behavior analysis is also discussed in several other courses in the psychology program there. Until now, almost all Icelanders who have gone on to graduate studies in behavior analysis have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Iceland.

In 2004, psychology students at H.Í remembered 100 years of BF Skinner with a symposium on behavior analysis. The talks given there by university teachers and other experts were then published in the book: “Where is she now? The legacy of behaviorism in the 21st century.

University of Reykjavík

& University of Akureyri

There are working teachers with advanced education in behavior analysis. In the year, the International Certification Committee for Behavioral Analysts agreed that the course sequence of the MSc in Psychology in HR fulfills the theoretical part of the program that provides expert certification in behavioral analysis ( Board Certified Behavior Analyst Examination ). In 2019, the MSc program in applied behavioral analysis at the University of Reykjavík was launched, which also has this specialist certification, and therefore the MSc program in applied behavioral analysis at HR is the only program in Iceland that has received such approval. At HA, a course in analysis and modeling of behavior is taught in the psychology program at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law.

Behavior analysis

What is behavior analysis

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Education in behavior analysis

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Books in behavior analysis

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Advanced education in behavioural analysis

There are currently 16 Icelanders with advanced education in behavioral analysis from foreign universities. Seven students are currently in master’s and doctoral studies in the field in the United States and Europe. Several Icelanders also work teaching and consulting in the field of behavioral analysis in universities and companies abroad.

On August 15, 2004, the Association of Behavior Analysis Enthusiasts in Iceland (SATÍS) was founded. In 2011, the name was changed to Association for Behavior Analysis in Iceland (SATÍS). The association is a forum for people interested in the growth and development of behavior analysis in Iceland. The organization’s mission is to promote and convey knowledge about behavior analysis as a way to improve the quality of life. The organization focuses on supporting applied research and preliminary research in the field of behavioral analysis, connecting with students and guiding all those interested in this scientific discipline.

Contact us at satis.felag@gmail.com or on our Facebook page  SATÍS – ICEABA.

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